Roundtable: Policy on Mandatory Food Fortification

Monday, 25th October 2021, Kamladevi Complex, IIC, New Delhi


9:30 AM Registration & Tea
10.00 AM – 10.30 AM Opening Session
Welcome remarks and Opening address: Mr. T Nand Kumar, Former Secretary GOI

Keynote address: Mr. Sudhanshu Pandey, Secretary, Department of Food & Public distribution

10:30 AM – 11:30 AM Session 1: Nutrition/Micronutrient Malnutrition; Fortification in that Context
Moderator:  Dr. Dipa Sinha, Asst. Professor, Ambedkar University Delhi


1.       Dr. Purnima Menon, Senior research fellow, International Food Policy Research Institute

2.       Dr. Shariqua Yunus, Nutrition Specialist, World Food Programme India

3.       Prof. HPS Sachdeva, Senior Consultant in Pediatrics and Clinical Epidemiology, Sitaram Bhartia Institute of Science & Research

4.       Dr. Vandana Prasad, Community paediatrician & Public health professional, (Ex-member of National Commission for Protection of Child Right), Public Health Resource Network

Followed by Q&A round with the audience  

11.30 AM – 12.20 pm   Session 2: Nutrition/Conflict of Interest/Decentralised Alternatives & Business
Moderator:  Mr. T Nand Kumar, Former Secretary GOI


1.       Dr. Debal Deb,  Ecologist and Biologist, Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies

2.       Dr. Ashwani Mahajan, National Co-Convener of Swadeshi Jagran Manch

3.       Mr. Tarun Vij, India Country Director, Cluster Lead, Drivers of Food System Change, GAIN

Followed by Q&A round with the audience  

12.30 PM – 1.20 PM Moderator:  Mr. T Nand Kumar, Former Secretary GOI

Keynote address: Mr. Arun Singhal, CEO, FSSAI

Keynote address: Dr. Ramesh Chand, Member, Niti Ayog

1.20 PM – 2.20 PM Session 3: Production, Processing and Themes Around It
Moderator:  Mr. Biraj Patnaik, Executive Director, National Foundation for India


1.       Mr. Subodh Jindal, President, All India Food Processors’ Association

2.       Dr. Arun Gupta, Central Coordinator, Breastfeeding Promotion Network of India and Convener, Nutrition Advocacy for Public Interest

3.       Ms. Deepika Sahani, Human Rights Law Network 

4.       Mr. Sameer Saxena, Asst. General Manager (QA & NPD), GCMMF

Followed by Q&A round with the audience 

2.20 PM – 2.30 PM Closing Session
 Closing address: Mr. T Nand Kumar, Former Secretary GOI
2:30 PM Lunch 

India suffers from a heavy malnutrition burden. It is a government priority to address the issue and Food fortification is being looked at as a solution. Recently the Hon’ Prime Minister announced that fortified rice will be supplied through all major government schemes like PDS and the mid-day meals programs by the year 2024.The government also recently initiated a 3-year pilot scheme on rice fortification and supply via PDS in 15 districts across the country. Since April, it has been distributing fortified rice through the mid-day meal scheme and ICDS programs. A debate has emerged on various aspects of the policy on mandatory food fortification. In this backdrop of strong opinions, both for and against mandatory fortification, Bharat Krishak Samaj has organized a dialogue that brings together diverse opinions from government, industry, nutritionists, consumers, producers, multilateral agencies and civil society to set a holistic perspective on the issue.