Bharat Krishak Samaj (BKS) is one of India’s leading non-partisan farmer’s organisations that is an advocate for farmer prosperity along with healthy, sustainable, inclusive and equitable food systems that benefit farmers, consumers, our country and planet.

BKS was established by Dr Panjabrao S. Deshmukh on April 3, 1955 and is a common meeting ground where everyone interested in strengthening the food systems can meet and put their intelligence, resources and energy to good use to help those engaged in producing more from their land.

Farmers feed the world and responsibly manage much of the world’s natural resources – soil, water, energy. Yet rural families are amongst the world’s poorest, most malnourished and vulnerable to climate change.

BKS makes evidence-based food and agriculture policy recommendations based on farming experience, as well as multi-stakeholder research, partnerships and events such as dialogues, workshops and conferences.

Ajay Vir Jakhar is the Chairman of Bharat Krishak Samaj.



1. To study the problems facing the agricultural producers in India.

2. To protect, advance and promote the social, economic and cultural interests and activities of the agricultural producers, farm youth and farm women in this country.

3. To undertake propaganda, training and education of the agricultural producers and farm families and cooperate with Governmental and other agencies for the uplift and amelioration of the farming community and rapid progress of agriculture to bring it up as an efficient industry in India.

4. To assist in formulating and promoting national and international agricultural policies and progress in the interest of agricultural producers and to collaborate and cooperate with similar organizations of agricultural producers in this country or abroad for the furtherance of the said objective.

5. To take such steps for the fulfilment of the above objects as may be necessary from time to time in particular, collection and expenditure of funds, publicity, holding meetings, conference, seminars and exhibitions, sending representations, deputation, memoranda etc. and exchanging delegation.