Food, Farming, Farmers- Problems & Solutions | Ajay Vir Jakhar

In this thought-provoking session for Prabodhan Manch Parle, Ajay Vir Jakhar, Chairman of Bharat Krishak Samaj, delves into the challenges and solutions surrounding Food, Farming & Farmers. He brings attention to the importance of understanding the on-ground realities of the agriculture sector and the need for informed policy formation. He emphasizes the significance of Universal Basic Services for farmers and highlights the transformative power of research and skilled human resources. With India’s diverse land and habitats, he advocates for an independent agriculture policy tailored to local conditions.

Addressing climate change, he encourages the framing of policies aligned with India’s goals rather than blindly following Western standards. This session prompts us to reflect on these critical aspects and work towards meaningful policy reforms, dignity for farmers, and sustainable practices in Indian agriculture.

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