Food Systems Dialogue 2023

The 5th Food System Dialogues, FSD 2023 was a three-day conclave jointly co-convened with FOLU India. The 2023 FSD edition aimed to identify policy scenarios with an enabling potential to initiate a sustainable food system transformation, while also looking at delineating the scenarios and elements that may impede the transformation process.

Consultation Partners

Thematic Session 1
Unlocking Finance for Sustainable Food Systems Transformation
Session Partner: Shakti Foundation

Thematic Session 2
Inclusive Data Practices for Sustainable Future
Session Partner: Digital Green

Thematic Session 3
Water, Temperature, Climate Change and Food Systems-Bridging Science to Action
Session Partner: MS Swaminathan Research Foundation

Consultation Session 1
Consultation on Reducing the ‘True Cost’ of the Public Distribution System
Consultation Partner: Tata Cornell Institute

Consultation Session 2
Indian Pathways to Healthy and Sustainable Food and Land Use Systems: A Dialogue
Consultation Partner: EAT-Lancet

Consultation Session 3
The Hidden Costs of the Indian Food Systems – assessment and policy solutions
Consultation Partner: Food System Economics Commission (FSEC) and The Food, Agriculture, Biodiversity, Land-Use, and Energy (FABLE) Consortium

Consultation Session 4
Stakeholder Consultation to Address Antibiotic Misuse in Food Systems and Contain Antimicrobial Resistance
Consultation Partner: Centre for Science and Environment